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Log line

Can you survive the night in a haunted house with a ghost and a bully?

Short Synopsis

Can you survive the night in a haunted house with a ghost and a bully?

Three kids are dared to stay the night in an old haunted house by the local bully. They agree as long as the bully is brave enough to stay the night too. All the kids go to the house, but is the house really haunted? Or is the bully the scariest thing in that old house?

Long Synopsis

The ghost of Old Man Withers haunts an old house, wanting revenge on his children for killing him. Or at least that's the story that 12 year old horror fan, Charlie, tells his friends. Charlie always has cool stories. This week it's ghosts, last week it was zombies in the city, and the week before it was a powerful demon.

The local bully, overÔÇÉhearing the story about Old Man Withers, dares the kids to stay the night in the old haunted house. Refusing to be bullied Charlie and his friends agree to stay the night if the bully is brave enough to stay with them.

The kids all meet up in the house, waiting for the ghost, but get more than they bargained for when they all have to work together in order to escape the ghost of Old Man Withers.

Director's Statment

My parents got divorced when I was very young. I never understood why they got divorced or why my dad couldn't be around all the time. I was sad. We lived with my mom, and then stayed with my dad every other weekend and 6 weeks in the summer. It sucked. We always watched movies with my dad. At the theatre, movies he rented, etc, and after the divorce that kind of became our bond. I remember sitting on his lap watching "The Goonies" and that movie was so awesome. The kids took their destiny in their own hands and changed their future. That's what I wanted to do. My father and I continued to watch movies together all the time, a constant bond between the two of us that we still share. It was because of that bond and emotion I felt watching "The Goonies" with my dad, that made me decide I wanted to make movies. My mom and dad have been so supportive helping me ever since.

I wrote this short film as a way to make the classic 80's kids action/adventure movie come back to life in the present. I have 2 feature films that I am writing that are kids action/adventure movies, so I wanted to make this short film in order to get other people excited and involved. This project was tough to get started with no budget. We had people come on board and then have to leave the project, multiple castings; multiple locations fall through, all the tough stuff. Over a few years the project would almost happen, and then get shelved, almost happen, and then get shelved, and so forth. I never gave up on it, and finally things just fell into place. The dream locations dropped in our lap, another few auditions and we found the perfect cast, all willing and available. My amazing wife, 6 months pregnant, stepped up to help in her producing debut and she killed it. All my friends came out to help, and it was amazing.

Over 2 days we did 15 pages and 4 locations all with 4 amazingly talented kid actors and almost no budget. The cards were definitely not stacked in our favor but we pulled it off. What a great short film!