Director Wesley Alley

Writer, Director, Producer

Wesley Alley has wanted to make movies for as long as he can remember. He remembers sitting on his dad's lap watching "The Goonies." He fell in love with the movie and wanted to make movies just like it ‐ movies that inspired people and gave them the same feeling he got while watching "The Goonies." He started out acting in school plays, local commercials, community theatre, etc. It wasn't until Wesley attended Boise State University for Directing and performance that he fell in love with directing. Wesley then attended Full Sail University for his bachelor's degree in Film and Television Production and then his master's degree in Entertainment Business. Since then Wesley has been directing short films, commercials, web series', and music videos while working in the entertainment industry. Wesley is an award winning director and producer.

Dustin Gardner


Dustin's interest in filmmaking developed from his time spent as a kid making short videos with his dad. He pursued this interest throughout high school, during which he interned at a local television station, convincing him of a career in film. He then discovered the art of movie lighting while attending film school. Since his first class in lighting, he has been enamored of the use of light to create and tell stories. Upon graduating and relocating to Los Angeles, he has continually explored and become proficient in the art of lighting and cinematography. His experiences include his role as director of photography as well as gaffer on various features, music videos, and short films, including a considerable involvement in the production of the Live Action Video Game Trailer of "Dead Space." He has further advanced his moviemaking career in establishing his own business of providing services and products to light and grip film sets.

Whitney Alley


Whitney grew up in Boise, ID as a very happy child. She loved where she grew up, loved her family, and loved her friends. It wasn't until college, when she traveled to Chicago, where she experienced and fell in love with the big city. She met her husband, Wesley Alley in Boise and together they ventured off to Florida where they both experienced life in the film industry, and realized how much they loved making movies together. Whitney is a license cosmetologist and most of her experience on film sets has been with hair. She moved to Los Angeles nearly 3 years ago, and last year she decided to use her leadership skills to produce a film with Wesley Alley, all while being 6 months pregnant. It was an experience she will never forget and will hopefully get to experience more opportunities as a producer.

Dominic Kline

Actor, Singer, Dancer

Dominic Kline grew up in Kailua, Hawaii. He knew he wanted to be an actor since he was 3 years old but when he asked him mom she blew him off! He was finally able to pursue his acting career when he was 9. He started off by booking his first national commercial for Buick and a then a voiceover for Whirlpool. He then worked on a few short films, including Wesley Alley's short film, Haunted House in which he plays Charlie! He just finished shooting a film, The Bandit Hound. Besides acting and school, Dominic enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing water polo and basketball, acting classes, singing, dancing, skateboarding, playing video games and just having fun!

Maitlyn Pezzo


Maitlyn has loved acting forever, and lives to be characters in front of the camera. Her mom says she learned to act before she could talk. Maitlyn mostly acts in short films and is hoping to one day land a big job in the industry. Haunted House was a fabulous experience. She loved working with three other talented kids and an awesome director and crew! Her favorite type of acting is dramatic and Maitlyn believes it suits her the best. She also likes comedy because it's a great challenge. Maitlyn plans on going to college and majoring in writing, to help her understand more about the acting business.

Jordan Fries


Jordan is an energetic and extremely social young man, it's safe to say he's never met a stranger. He loves to be the center of attention and always get along with everyone he meets. He loves acting, singing, dancing, editing videos, eating pancakes, and… has a secret (shhh don't tell) fear of clowns and creepy dolls. Every year he is very involved in my school's drama department and has had a lead role in every play they have done. Including one they are currently working on, Aladdin, where he earned the main role of the character, "Prince Ali."

Jordan's school does a weekly talent show during lunch. Every week he makes up a skit or something to perform in front of his peers and teachers. He also creates and edits videos from a game called "Minecraft," in which he does voiceovers for. You can see his videos at:

Mackenzie Myers


Mac attends LACES high school in Los Angeles, where he enjoys academic as well as extracurricular endeavors. Having just competed in the Classic Slam, a poetry competition, he is looking forward to competing and traveling with the national team next year and, as always, is also looking forward to continuing his studies as a world‐renown math ninja. He plays better‐than‐average baseball for his school team and enjoys boxing and Wushu, a Buddhist martial art that he has been studying for the past four years. Mac's favorite TV shows include Justified, Bones, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, and, most recently, Surviving Jack.

When not moonlighting as the head psychic for the Santa Barbara Police Department, Mac can be found incessantly quoting from movies by his favorite directors: Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Jon Favreau. A passionate enthusiast of all things comedy he hopes one day to meet Eddy Izzard and another day to high‐five John Mulaney. As an avid reader, his current favorite book series is Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, but he is also a fan of JRR Tolkien, Bill Peet, Rick Riordan, and John Flanagan. Mac also fancies himself to be a bit of a writer and has just completed his first pilot and is working on developing multiple other projects.

Mac appeared in his first film when he was 3 and then took a break to explore his world as a kid. Haunted House is Mac's second film and first conscience decision to explore film as an actor. He is currently exploring the world through the eyes of a typical teenage boy. He is doing an extraordinary job.

Brian C. Chenworth

Actor, Stunts

Brian was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and has been performing all of his life. Brian has been involved in martial arts and break dancing, to name just a couple of his other passions besides acting. He is a graduate of Full Sail University's film program. After attending film school, Brian went on to get his stunt certification so he would be able to do his own stunts in his films. You can typically see him in most of Wesley Alley's productions due to a simple promise that was made between the two in college, where they met. Wesley and Brian vowed to be the "New Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi Team". Slowly but surely this promise is becoming a reality.

Chad Gall


Chad was born in Flint, MI,and his family relocated to Florida when Chad was2 years old. Doing a few plays in grade school,Chad quickly found a comfort and excitement in live performance. He started in the entertainment business as a lead singer of a rock band, which played Van's Warped Tour in 07 & 08 as well as an opening act for many major bands over the course of 8 years. After years of travel and band differences, Chad decided to set aside music for a while. And with no options of a career in mind and his burning desire to entertain audiences, he sought out an acting class. Chad discovered a process workshop called Performers Studio Workshop in Tampa, FL. After almost 3 years of studying Chad had already racked up some good theater experience doing plays such as Closer, Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Death of a Salesman. Not to mention his supporting appearances on Television including shows: Burn Notice, Army Wives, a major recurring role on Starz Magic City, NCIS, and Suburgatory. Chad continues to educate himself and cultivate his craft and is currently producing several Films, as well as a television pilot.